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Kerri grew up in a small town north of Austin, Texas.  Her attraction to textiles and design began at an early age growing up near her grandparents’ ranch. They were in the mohair business which provided Kerri access to rich colors, textiles, and textures. Her admiration for designing a space, textiles, and classic clothing have all been born from these experiences. 


Kerri's approach to design is no-fuss, but thoughtfully curated. She seamlessly mixes vintage and new with lots of color throughout, peppered with sentimental mementos and photographs. Kerri adores wallpaper, rugs, vases, pottery, and pillows; for her these define a space and create "feeling". She loves classic design with a nod to fresh, new, modern inspiration. Kerri treasures collected pieces that display their intentional and thoughtful design. Effortless and functional design is what Kerri provides each client, creating the perfect sensation of utterly comfortable spaces that brighten your mood and uplift your spirit. She uses a mix of eclectic design with color driven palates that create spaces that are unique to each individual client, standing out from the rest. 

Kerri approaches each client and design project with fresh eyes. Speaking with the client and listening to their goals is her favorite part of the process, for this allows her to understand each unique individual. Kerri's goal is to build a design that truly speaks to each individual's style, functional needs, and soul. 

Kerri Craddock Interiors. Interior Decorating and Styling. I aim to inspire your creativity and help you turn your house into a beautiful home.
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