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Entry Way Magic

**I often use affiliate links in my content when I am sharing much loved, or recommended, items with all of you beautiful people. This won’t cost you anything, but it may provide me some extra money that will be put towards this passion project, or to buy the coffee that keeps me fueled. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support!**

I feel it is only appropriate to kick off this new blog with outlining how to create an entry moment. Often homes have a set entry that is clearly defined; however, I have lived in homes where there was no defined entry. This made the whole, “where do I hang my coat and put my shoes?” debacle interesting. I’m here to tell you, there are creative ways to define an entry, whether it is clearly set forth for you, or not. I have three children and a husband who is allergic to hanging up his coat so I understand that the struggle is real, but let’s dive in. An entry should not only be inviting to guests, but more importantly, functional for all that live in the house on the daily. We all dream of cubbies and organized baskets where everyone knows where to put their things when they walk in the door, but if this doesn’t exist, we can still make that dream come true. This shoes storage console is a terrific versatile piece.

Not only does it hide shoes for multiple people, or for one person with multiple shoes (I see you, I hear you, I am you), but it doubles as a place to drop those keys, the mail, and hold a vase for some beautiful fresh flowers. This multi-purpose beauty also says to the world, “I am a space with a purpose.” Bam, just like that, you’ve defined your entry space. Way to be, you!

You could stop here, but why would you when you could add those functional, small but mighty, hooks. Hooks are so diverse. They are truly where you hang your hat (you see what I did there) but also where you can hang coats, scarves, purses, kids backpacks, wet towels and dog leashes. The list could go on and on. Don't fret. They can be cute and functional. Check out these that I adore and use everywhere in my home and in my office by H&M.

Now that we have established where the shoes and other items are housed, we can get down to the fun stuff. Yes, I’m talking décor for that console. Top it off with a great piece of art or unique mirror to really complete the look. I personally love a mirror in an entry way so one can catch a glimpse as they run out the door, or as you come in from outside. These are some great budget friendly options that fit a variety of interior styles. Click each individual image to be taken to the link.

I live in Colorado so the importance of a good door mat or entry rug goes a long way. They serve the dual purpose of adding texture through textiles, but also keeping that mud, water, or snow off your beloved floors. I personally love the Chiliwich basket weave rugs. They are durable and easy to wipe clean. I use them in our dining room as well as door mats.

Lately I have been drawn to the vinyl rugs that have beautiful patterns. When used they almost appear as if they are tile versus a rug. Again, a super great option that is easy to wipe clean and quick drying. Winning!

At the end of the day, one of the best options you can choose that won't let you down is the tried and true jute rug. Reliable, durable, and consistent, the jute rug is a classic go to that performs every dang time. With it's natural simplicity and texture it can really ground a space and add depth.

Pick your poison, make it pretty, but also prioritize function. That is my number one rule.

I have linked below a few other options to consider and that I recommend. Click each individual image to be taken to the link.

Go seek the beauty in your everyday.



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